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Lab Coats and Coveralls
Scrub Pants
Scrub Tops
Safety Vests
Work Shirts and Pants
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Our Closeouts!
We take pride in our wide selection of closeout products. 

All of the products we offer are in stock only.  We do offer a discount off of regular prices for any custom and currently offered product orders. 
Cuffed and straight leg, elastic waist and drawstring, pockets.
Short Sleeve, Long Sleeve, pockets, solid colored and design patterns.

High Visibility with Velcro Fastener
Two-tone jackets, solid vests that can be embroidered.
Chorus Gowns
Server Uniforms
Work Skirts
Tuxedo shirts, Bowties,Cumberbunds, Tuxedo Pants, Server Vests and Jackets.
Several different colors of Chorus Gowns and Sashes.
Server skirts (Black).
Everything from Shop shirts to Polo shirts, Short Sleeve and Long Sleeve, Many different colors, styles and materials. We carry work shorts too!
Short & Long Solid White Lab Coats, White with Grey Grid-lines Anti-Static Lab Coats, Orange Coveralls, Railroad Coveralls and Solid White Coveralls.
Youth Sports
Closeout cleats, socks and even some jerseys!
School Uniforms
Pants, shorts, scooters, polos, missy polos, long sleeve polos and much more!