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School Pants
We carry navy and khaki in several different styles for both boys and girls. $15 each We carry black in junior sizes(High School) $20 each.
Polo Shirts
Skorts or Scooters
Capri Pants
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Year Round School Uniforms!!!
3810 E. Morgan Ave., Evansville, IN 47715                   
We are open Mon,Tues,Wed and Fri from 10a to 5p, Sat 10a to 5p
Closed Thurs and Sun
We carry many different colors and sizes.  Short sleeve polo to size 2XX are $10. Larger sizes $12. Long sleeved polo shirts in several colors are $12. 

Shorts of all sizes are in stock for both boys and girls in several different styles! Only $15 per pair!
We have these in Navy only, junior sizes, only $15 each.  We do have Girls size 4-16 in Khaki and Navy for $15 ea.
This is a "get them until they are gone" item for us!  Only $15 per pair!
We are carrying several different styles of belts and in most every style! Youth belts are $8 and adult belts are $10.
***There are deals to be had!!!!***
Deal #1 : Buy $75 worth of uniforms and get a free youth belt (non velcro)
Deal #2 : Save $3.00 if you buy three complete sets of uniforms. (top and bottom)